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You may file a civil action in this Court if the total amount of damages is $15,000.00 or less. The jurisdiction of the Bryan Municipal Court is limited to the boundaries of Williams County, Ohio. In order to file your claim in Bryan Municipal Court you should be able to answer yes to one of the following questions:
●   Does the defendant live in Williams County or is the defendant a business that has its primary place of business in Williams County?
Civil Forms
Continuance PDF FormContinuance 10 k
Garnishment Brochure PDF FormGarnishment Brochure 92 k
Notice to Collect Debt PDF FormNotice to Collect Debt 50 k
Precipe Cert Judgment PDF FormPrecipe Cert Judgment 11 k
Precipe for Subpoena PDF FormPrecipe for Subpoena 11 k
Precipe Ordinary PDF FormPrecipe Ordinary Mail 10 k
Release Garnishment PDF FormRelease Garnishment 11 k
Satisfaction Dismissal PDF FormSatisfaction Dismissal 11 k
●   Was the plaintiff injured or was his/her personal property damaged in Williams County?
●   Did the defendant sign or enter into a contract in Williams County, did he/she live in Williams County when the contract was entered into, was a contract or obligation to be performed in Williams County or is the defendant a corporation and the contract was breached in Williams County?
Per Bryan Municipal Court Local Rules, corporations must be represented by an attorney.
Eviction Procedures
After an eviction is ordered by the judge and a Writ of Restitution is issued, a physical eviction may be scheduled with the Bailiff of this court. He may be reached by calling 419-636-6939 ext 242.
The court bailiff is not responsible for the physical eviction. His presence at the eviction is only to keep the peace. It is the responsibility of the plaintiff or his agent to arrange for movers to be at the eviction site at the time and date specified by the court bailiff.
Any costs incurred from the physical eviction are the responsibility of the plaintiff and may be included in the second cause of action if amended.

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