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Traffic Court Guides
All minor misdemeanor traffic offenses are “waiverable offenses” meaning that you admit guilt and pay your fines and court costs by mail, on-line or at the Clerks office without making a court appearance in front of the judge. Other violations REQUIRE a court appearance under the law. Below is a list of pleas and their meanings, a list of cases that require a court appearance and a list of waiverable citations and their costs.
●   Guilty – If you plead guilty, you waive certain rights and the court will hear your case immediately. The court will make its decision based on the facts of the arresting officer. You will be allowed to explain any circumstances that you feel the court should take into consideration before imposing sentence.
Traffic Forms
Continuance PDF FormContinuance 10 k
Court-Appt. Counsel PDF FormCourt-Appt. Counsel 19 k
Driving Request PDF FormDriving Request 13 k
Motion to move Vehicle PDF FormMotion to move Vehicle 15 k
Not Guilty Waiver PDF FormNot Guilty Waiver 12 k
Precipe for Subpoena PDF FormPrecipe for Subpoena 11 k
Release Vehicle PDF FormRelease Vehicle 13 k
Time Waiver PDF FormTime Waiver 11 k
●   No Contest – If you plead no contest, you are admitting that the facts of the case are true but that admission cannot be used against you in any civil lawsuit (in cases like a traffic accident where someone was injured). Again, the court will make its decision based on the facts of the arresting officer. You will be allowed to explain any circumstances that you feel the court should take into consideration before imposing sentence.
●   Not Guilty – If you plead not guilty your case will be continued to a later date for a pre-trial conference held with the prosecutor or a trial to the court. If you are requesting a trial by jury you must submit that request in writing. An attorney is not required but you may choose to be represented. If you plan to be represented, you must contact your attorney immediately.
Your case will be set on the next available date as determined by the court. If you have conflicts with the date set you or your attorney must immediately file a motion for continuance in writing with the court. You can locate this pleading under forms and the traffic division.
Mandatory Court Appearances
If you have been charged with one of the following violations you are REQUIRED to appear in court and cannot “waive” or just pay your citation:
●   Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence
●   No Operators License
●   Driving Under any Suspension
●   Passing a Stopped School Bus
●   Wrongful Entrustment or Allowing a Person Under Suspension to Operate Your Vehicle
●   Physical Control
●   Drag Racing
●   Hit / Skip
●   Fleeing and Eluding
●   Vehicular Homicide
Posting Bonds
If the defendant is incarcerated, bond may be posted per the court’s bond schedule. You may inquire as to the bond by calling the court or when the court is closed you may call Bryan Police Department at (419) 636-4233. After the defendant has appeared in court, the bond amount may differ from the bond schedule. Please check with the court for accurate bond information.
Bond may be posted at the Court from 8:30 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and at Bryan Police Department, 103 North Beech Street, Bryan, Ohio at all other times. Bryan Police Department can accept cash and credit card bond on misdemeanor traffic and/or criminal cases. Credit card access fees will apply and are non-refundable. Felony bonds may only be posted in cash. The police department is not authorized to accept surety bonds.
The bond will be held by the court until the case is concluded. At conclusion, the court will retain ten percent of the bond regardless of the outcome of the matter per state statute.
Failure to Appear
Failure to appear in Court as required will result in the following actions:
►   A warrant for your arrest will be issued for failure to appear and contempt of court which is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine, jail or both. You will be required to post a bond.
►   The Court will notify the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles of your failure to appear. The BMV will suspend your driving privileges until the case is complete and may withhold the issuance or renewal of your driver’s license and registration.
►   You will also incur further court costs.
Please remember that the Clerk and deputy clerks of the court are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice or instruct you on how to properly defend yourself in court.

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